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Mar 3

MARRIED…..Part 1: Liana & John’s pre-wedding BBQ (and a big storm!) – Dordogne, France

By julietlemon March 3 2018 - 07.39 AM
Hosting a pre-wedding event just the day before the wedding is such a brilliant idea.  It gives all the guests a chance to meet, mix and really get into the spirit of things, so that they are on top form for the big day… providing, of course, that there are no hangovers the following day!
Liana and John’s wedding was in the Dordogne, France and they invited their guests to a BBQ  the evening before their wedding, and it was great fun!  The guests congregated at the golf club, which had spectacular views of the course, fields, valleys and surrounding hills. With the heat of the day dissipating everyone enjoyed mingling in the cooling temperatures.
The chefs cooked up an absolute feast! The food sizzled away over the hot coals, filling the air with mouthwatering smells and everyone soon had their plates loaded with the delicious fare and were sitting munching and nattering away on the wooden benches on the veranda.  With such a chilled atmosphere and it was great to snap away, capturing the action and photographing with a documentary style feel to the shots.  However unknown to us, this calm, relaxed soirée was soon about to change, thanks to Mother Nature!
Not long before the sun started to set, in the distance, over one of the hills, a dark wall of cloud emerged, which was a complete contrast to the pale blue sky that had been above us all day.  These ominous clouds were heading right towards us and at quite a pace.  As the first rain drops fell we all sought shelter in the club house.  The rain drops turned into torrential rain, which soon became hail, but no ordinary hail; these were hail stones the size of tennis balls!!!  Absolutely unbelievable!  The impact of the hail on the club house could not have sounded dissimilar from a war zone.  The storm caused a power cut so the guests drank by candle light while watching the incredible lightening storm illuminate the sky, which was absolutely spectacular and at the same time ever so humbling.
Once the storm eventually passed we ventured outside to enjoy a cloudless, night sky filled with twinkling stars and a cool freshness in the air and only then did we discover the extent of the damage.  Some trees had been struck by lightening and there were smouldering shards scattered along the tree-lined path, others blown over, car body work dented, windscreens and windows smashed, the ground waterlogged and covered in puddles, but pleased to report that we were all safe.
After all the excitement of the storm and a few guests engaging in ‘damage-control-mode’ by mopping up water, where rain had come in through the broken windows, everyone retired to their quarters to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the big day!!!



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