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Jun 3

TIPS…..Summer snapping

By julietlemon June 3 2012 - 04.12 PM


Whether you’re going on a road trip or jetting off to an exotic destination, I’ve put together a few photography tips which will hopefully help you get better photographs this Summer.

1   Do your homework – Look at travel guides, postcards and picture books of the area. You’ll be inspired to take better pictures.

2   View it from a different angle – Get creative and photograph things from low down, high up or tilt the camera to give a different perspective.

3   Tell a story – Use pictures to tell the story of your trip, from the time of your departure to your return. Capture the details. Take pictures of signs, ticket stubs, menus, local maps and more. Capture emotion. Take individual pictures of each member of your travel party throughout the trip.

4   Get closer – For smaller subjects and items with finer detail, get as close as you can. Switch your camera to macro setting which will achieve a closer focus and more clarity.

5   Have fun – Take candid pictures of people. Ignore the impulse to force your subjects to position them. Let them relax and fall into a natural pose. Also try photographing them from a distance and zooming in so you’re not making the subjects feel self-conscious.

6   Cleaning – Try and keep your lenses dirt and dust free. Invest in a handheld blower, cleaning fluid and lens cleaning papers at your local camera shop. If you’re unsure get them to show you the best way to clean your equipment.

7   White balance – Do try and match the white balance to the setting you are in – daylight, sunset, cloudy, flash, tungsten – but don’t be afraid to break the rules, experiment with your white balance and test out quirky combinations, like photographing the sea on tungsten setting, you’ll see that it gives the sea a vibrant richness.

8   Flash – Don’t be scared to use flash on a sunny day. Get your subjects to stand with their backs to the sun, and take the picture with the flash on, you’ll be amazed by the results.

9   Sunrise & sunset – Be prepared and check out the times of sunrise and sunset so you can make plans to be at the right photo spot at the right time

10   Protect your gear – Sand, water, snow and heat are your camera’s worst enemies. When you’re not taking pictures, keep your camera and supplies safe in a camera bag or zippered plastic bag. If in a humid climate, keep a few silicone sachets in with your equipment.

Really hope that these pointers have been of help to you.  Here at Juliet Lemon Photography we hold group photography workshops and 1-2-1 photography session.  If you/your camera group/keen photography friends would like us to teach you more about the wonderful world of photography and work with you to get super brilliant photos please keep a look out for blog posts about our next workshops or just get in touch:
Hope you all have a great summer and happy snapping x

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