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Jun 7

TRAVEL…..Sunset in Africa

By julietlemon June 7 2012 - 03.02 PM

Based in the UK I get to photograph lots of amazing events, from super stunning weddings through to amazing lifestyle shoots, but another passion of mine, as well as photography, is travel and of course the two go together hand in glove!

For the past 3 years I’ve structured my business so that I work solidly for 10 months, then go travelling to Africa for 2 months.  It is a kind of way of saving up all the weekends that I’ve spent photograph and having them all in one clump.  I much prefer this way of travelling because I realised a long time ago that a weekend or a two week holiday just wasn’t long enough to explore a country or two properly, so this way I have 2 glorious months at my disposal!

When traveling, I’ve never been one to take that many sunset photographs.  Instead love to sit back – ideally with a chilled gin & tonic in hand – and watch the magic of the ‘coucher du soleil’ (yup, bit of French from my time in Madagascar remains!).  However, my last day in the Okavango Delta in Botswana back in December presented a vista so impressive that my sundowner session had to be interrupted.  Putting my metal mug filled with G&T on the bonnet of the Land Rover, I clambered up onto the roof of the vehicle with my cameras and photographed the majestic sky.

The day had been hot, about 35C, and cloudless for the most part, but as the sun began setting that soon changed.  To the left, the last remnants of daylight fading away, leaving a glow of rich, warm colour.  The ribbon of hippo and crocodile infested water in front of the horizon shimmered and reflected the receding light from above.  To the right, a fast approaching wall of heavy  gunmetal grey and ominous black clouds due to deliver their impending deluge.  The temperature had plummeted and in the freshness of the air you could feel the building up of the  charge of the lightening bolts,  bound from the depths of the clouds above, that were soon going to strike the earth.

We packed away the cooler box, stashed our camera bags deep inside the waterproof ponchos and set off back to camp, weaving the weary Land Rover along the mud tracks and through the dense bush.  The wind picked up quickly, bringing the clouds overhead and we were engulfed in the veil of night.

I’ve been fortunate to have lived, worked and traveled around this part of the world for a total of two years.  Each time when I think I’ve seen it all, Africa totally wows me with new sights and experiences that leave me amazed and with the knowledge the next time will be even better.  Guess that’s why I just can’t stay away from that continent!


We’re currently in the process of expanding which will showcase much more of my travel photos, car photography and other projects – plus you can purchase prints there.  Of course will let you know when it is ready for you to see. But in the meanwhile hope you like the few photos from the spectacular sunset (which haven’t been edited or enhanced in anyway, that is exactly how it was!) x

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