Statistics show that 85% of photographers fail within the first two years of business. I do not want that to be you!

 I had so many questions and there was no support or guidance available. It was only through trial and error I figured it out. I’m here to help you attain your goals by pouring in my many years of experience of building a wildly-successful photography business in this programme.

When I started out 14 years ago, there was no handbook on how to build a successful photography business.

Having a successful and profitable photography business is so much more than being able to take great photos. It’s the nitty gritty that involves creating a marketing plan, using social media to your advantage, attracting clients and learning how to charge more so your business will thrive. It’s all about building solid, sustainable business foundations that will enable your growth, deliver results and support you as you grow.

90 Day Photography Business Transformation Programme

I have created this powerful coaching programme because it is exactly what I wish I had 14 years ago!

One-to-One Business Photography coaching gives you the personalised support you’ll need to help with your photography business. In each of my tailored sessions you will define your targets, achieve your goals and take your photography business to the next level.  

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    Making a steady income with photography

    Having clients you love and consistent work

    Feeling confident and never wondering again if your equipment or skills aren’t good enough

    Working smarter not harder

    Having a price-list and packages that convert easily into sales

    Working for yourself, and setting your own hours, being able to travel and have complete freedom to live the life you want

    Having all the tools and knowledge to charge confidently and operate like the professional you are

The results you are going to get...

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Here’s my journey… I am a professional photograph with photo shoots all over the world. My biggest dream is to spend more time in Africa and I have created a business that allows me to do that. My heart lights up with travel and I’m pretty sure that yours does too!

→ I have run photography workshops for ten years. In this time, I have coached a wide range of people from NVQ Business Administration students to hobby photographers wanting to go full-time, as well as full-time professional photographers.

→ I have photographed individual clients as well as global brands. My wealth of practical knowledge works in the real world and everyday situations.

→ I love photography, love running my photography business, and also run a fun, events business with the fantastic Boomerang Booth! I take pride, too, in being an entrepreneur, and have a property portfolio and a varied investment portfolio. 

→ Travel, especially travel in Africa, takes up a big piece of my heart and I have created a business that allows me to go on epic adventures often. My heart lights up with travel and I’m pretty sure that yours does too!

→ Most of all I love sharing my passion for photography and helping my fellow photographers achieve their full potential. 

→ I have been working as a full-time, professional photographer for 14 years, have had shoots all over the world and have structured my business so I can travel and work when I want.

→I have a steady corporate and wedding photography business as well as having photographed extensively in the travel, wildlife conservation and motorsports worlds.

→ All the knowledge and information I share comes from the real-life, practical experience I’ve gained through running a successful photography business. 

→ I have worked in over 20 countries (even being paid to travel the world on a private jet with my cameras!)

Gemma Collins, Wedding Photographer 

“Working with Juliet has really helped me streamline my business workflow and processes. I now work smarter not harder and the time I’m saving is being spent with my family. ”

“I couldn’t recommend working with Juliet highly enough! She is a wonderful teacher, so motivating and inspiring and makes learning such fun. The topics we covered were in-depth and practical.”

Astrid Harrison, Equine Photographer

“Since working with Juliet I now have way more confidence in my abilities, have been booking clients and have got my return on the programme investment back in just a few of photo shoots.”

Helen Richardson, Family Photographer

Client Words

    Worried you aren’t skilled enough
    Scared by the competition
    Disappointed that your business isn’t bringing in as much money as you had hoped
    Not having a clue how to get clients
    Overwhelmed and confused
    Feeling lonely and unsupported
    Having no idea how to market yourself
    Feeling that social media is overwhelming
    Unable to get the right traction
    Feeling like you have to do it all alone

if you are currently...

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Working Together

I am very selective with whom I work one-to-one because when I’m fully in, I’m fully in. If we work together, it means that I believe in you.

Private coaching is all about personalised support and guidance. As well as the calls you will have support between sessions to get your questions answered. I will also provide you with all the tools and tailored resources you need to make your life easier.


We meet online for one hour each week for 12 weeks. These relaxed, yet productive calls, will not only keep you motivated, accountable and on track, but will also help you work through any blocks you may have. 

Weekly Calls

We work together to define your specific career and life goals, to get clarity on how to achieve them. From this, you’ll receive a bespoke programme to get you through each step of the way.

The Foundations

Here’s what you will get in the

90 Day Photography Business Transformation Programme

your investment

This comprehensive 90 day journey that will catapult your business success is £2995 (payment plans are available).

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Book a discovery call where we will explore where you are at in your business and what is possible for you.

“I really pushed myself to make the most out of working with Juliet as it was a sizeable investment. The results have exceeded my expectations and I’m delighted! I have been able to transform my part time photography into a profitable business that is growing by the day and I’m thrilled. Juliet guided me to identify my strengths, work on my weaknesses, work through my fears, hone in on my niche and have the confidence to charge my worth.”

Amy Dawson, Lifestyle Photographer 

Richard Taylor, Corporate & Branding Photographer

“The weekly trainings and support have helped me take my photography business to the next level. Juliet is an expert photographer, a great business woman and I really enjoyed working together and learning from her. My advice is 100% go for it, you will wish you had done this course sooner!”

“I am so grateful for the guidance, leaning and support from Juliet. She has enabled me to set up a successful photography business from the ground up. I am now attracting clients I love working with and I have doubled my bookings in just 2 months. ”

Sarah Cook, Wedding Photographer

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